The 7 Laws of Breakthrough!

The 7 Laws of Breakthrough!

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Are you ready to breakthrough?

Hi I am excited you have come to this site to learn more about God's Breakthrough  power.  I have learned that everyone wants a breakthrough but only a few actually achieve them. I want to share the principles of God's word with you to lean how to experience multiple breakthroughs in your life. This will empower you to achieve the destiny God has planned for you. I know these materials are going to help you experience your breakthrough into a brand new season! I would like to invite you to follow my daily devotions on Facebook and my weekly sermons at 

The 7 Laws of Breakthrough 

This book is for everyone that feels they are stuck in a place that is holding them back from destiny. Most people agree they need a breakthrough but few can explain what one is and how to experience it. This book is designed to give you a biblical understanding of breakthrough and how to cooperate with God who is the Master of Breakthrough to bring you into each of the necessary life cycles towards your destiny.

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The Law of Breakthrough! 

This is a six part sermon series bringing you the messages which inspired the book, The 7 Laws of Breakthrough. Each message is filled with practical steps for application of the breakthrough principles. The key to breakthrough is to have more than a desire to get relief from your problems, it is a series of new insights you will gain to increase your platform of skills and wisdom to advance towards your destiny. The testimonies from many people who heard and applied these messages inspired me to write the book. 

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Breakthrough to Destiny is a six part series that allows us to look at the various life cycles we pass through in reaching our destiny. In this series we look at the life of King Saul which ends in failure to reach destiny and the Life of King David who fulfilled his destiny. God called both men to be successful leaders of his people. He gave both of them the anointing and the power to succeed. Why did David succeed while Saul failed? The answers are found in this series and they tell us why some people who are truly called and anointed of God succeed why others just like them fail. This series is filled with practical insights to help you tap into God's power for you to reach your destiny.

Available in CD 

$16.00 total includes shipping and handling

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